School Cleaning

How important is the cleaning operation in your school or college? Cleaning and maintenance within our schools is vitally important and often under emphasised. Our clients, like us, believe that to have students taught in a consistently clean school or college is one of the fundamental requirements of a successful teaching and learning environment.

Case studies show that a clean school not only lowers the threat of the spread of illness, leading to improved student attendance and attitude, but also conveys a caring message to the students and teachers.

We understand the huge responsibility we have, not only to ensure that the school environment is clean on a daily basis, but also to ensure the cleaning operations are undertaken with regard to the health and safety of pupils and staff.

All school and college cleaning services are undertaken by operatives that are security vetted through the Criminal Records Bureau.

Our objective is to provide responsive and flexible services to meet the individual needs of our customers and to continually improve the standards of products and services.

To that end, we are fully committed to developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of our management teams, and the front-line staff that they support

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