Public Area Cleaning

Many commercial, residential, or private buildings have shared or communal areas that need to be kept clean. Often these are also the most public of areas such as entrances, common staircases, and shared grounds, and many times it isn’t clear who is responsible for keeping them clean and tidy. Sometimes everyone pitches in or comes to a shared arrangement, but sometimes no-one takes responsibility and these areas quickly become dirty or untidy and spoil the surroundings for everyone.

At Pulse Cleaning Systems we have years of experience in providing commercial cleaning services for shared or public areas within buildings. It can be as simple as sweeping staircases and mopping them down, to regular vacuuming, stain removal, and carpet cleaning, to washing walls, pressure washing entrances, and helping to maintain hard flooring, and not forgetting, window cleaning.

Who uses these types of services?

It’s a service that many people don’t know about or have even heard about, but it’s more common and popular than many people expect. Some of the most common public area cleaning that we carry out includes working with Housing Association and Council rental properties – particularly flats with common entrances & staircases, commercial landlords who want access paths and car parks kept free from litter and cleaned regularly, private home owners whose flats share entrances and staircases with other properties, commercial tenants who want shared public areas to be kept clean where the landlord doesn’t provide these services, and warehouses, factories, industrial units and industrial parks who want their outside areas to be kept clean and tidy.

Regular Contract or Ad-hoc

That’s entirely up to you. We’ll work with whatever schedule you prefer, but given the nature of this type of work and the areas being cleaned, a regular schedule is always the most successful and the best long-term solution.