Entrance & Barrier Matting Services

We customise our matting service and maintenance programmes to meet your needs. If you need service matting we analyse traffic flow and soiling conditions and recommend the right service frequency, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. In some buildings a combination of all three is the optimal solution.

We offer both bulk drop and on premise lift and lay services. We work with our clients to prepare site plans that ensure that both parties know the matting locations and that floors are always protected.

Serviced Matting

Effective servicing of your matting can reduce cleaning costs for the rest of the building and extend the life of high cost floorings. As part of the service, Pulse Cleaning Systems will examine the traffic flow and soiling levels of the relevant area and recommend a suitable frequency of servicing to keep your matting in pristine condition. Our experience counts and we make a point of familiarising at least two operatives with every location so that servicing over holidays goes ahead just as smoothly.

STANDARD – choose from a selection of standard colours and sizes
DESIGNER – a customised service for plain, patterned or textured matting in any size
LOGO – a bespoke service to incorporate your company logo into a fully functional mat of any size
FITTED – designer and logo options fitted into a suitable recess

Fixed Matting

Our comprehensive fixed matting service includes an initial survey, recommending the correct matting to use, expert installation and advice on maintenance. The range of matting we offer consists of a variety of aluminum, rubber and textile products suitable for all manner of applications.

Promotional Matting

Matting is not just functional but can also subliminally reinforce your corporate message or brand to your staff and customers alike. Promotional matting means anything from a simple choice of logo to a fully customised brand, picture or text. You will be surprised what we can put on a mat!

Health & Safety Matting

Whatever business you’re in, the health and safety of your workforce is a top priority and the right matting can make all the difference. Pulse Cleaning Systems supplies all kinds of matting designed for safety and comfort, suitable for countless applications in all conceivable environments.