IT Equipment Cleaning

It’s a little known fact that the average workstation (computer) harbours 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet. Telephones are the worst offenders with the highest bacteria count. They are followed closely by keyboards. The oily grime that collects on keys and headsets becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, increasing the risk of colds, and other infections spreading through an office. This contaminated occurs because they are rarely cleaned or disinfected.

Our preventive maintenance-cleaning program which can be set up on a monthly, quarterly or six-monthly schedule, pays for itself many times over by reducing illness, component failure, and by giving your systems a longer life. It also enhances the appearance of your office and is a morale booster for employees concerned about their health and their work environment.

Cleaning computer rooms, personal computers and peripheral equipment is a specialised task that we only entrust to our fully trained & experienced staff.

All of the materials and methods we use in our cleaning process are fully approved and have been extensively tested on a wide range of desktop PCs, network stations, file servers and printers for effectiveness, safety and anti static properties.
We will discuss with you any special requirements you have regarding these sensitive cleaning tasks before the cleaning process starts.